We are very proud of the success of our program, 95% to 98% of our patients are losing weight and offered testimonials. Many of them have been able to decrease and/or stop medications they use for chronic disease, including insulin for diabetes. We attribute this success to the diet we design for each patient individually, and that we work with each patient on a personal level. Our patients health and weight loss, as well as maintenance, is important to us.


Anne lost almost 50 pounds in about 6 months, and she found it enjoyable. She has now also maintained this weight for six months. She both looks and feels amazing. She is a true success story.



Located in Bryn Mawr, PA, Balance Medical Weight Loss takes a personal approach to helping patients shed unwanted pounds. Dr. Winifred Constable, founder and director of the program, knows that the simple mantra “eat less, exercise more” will not work for most people. Dr. Constable is trained in bariatric medicine—the science of weight loss as controlled by hormones and correct food chemistry. At Balance, she designs meal plans comprised of specific food combinations to suit each client’s particular body type and metabolic rate, as well as any hormonal imbalance. Depending on age, activity level and body type, Balance patients typically lose between 7 to 12 pounds each month—and up to eight pounds in the first week.

Joelle Seligson, Gilt City Editor

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