Balance Medical Weight Loss is not a trendy diet or a new fad in the weight loss industry but rather a completely new medical approach to losing weight. Our three-phase program teaches our patients to eat the correct combinations of foods, at the right time of day, which leads them to achieve hormonal balance, which results in shedding unwanted pounds. This program is about food chemistry, it is not about calories, and once you learn about food, you will never count calories again. On this program, Dr. Winifred Constable is adamant that her patients eat only natural, organic, unprocessed foods, which can be purchased in any grocery store.

Our program involves eating the proper combination of organic foods, focusing on the right quantities of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to allow maximum weight loss while minimizing hunger and cravings. The physician will send you to a lab for blood work analysis, in order to see the patient’s specific hormonal profile. From this information the doctor creates an individualized program that allows blood sugar and hormones to reset to their normal levels, and allows your cells to release their fat. Patients must eat three meals and two optional snacks each day which ensures proper nutrition while losing weight.

Here is an overall view of how our services work:

  • Initial consultation (examination/evaluation of medical history and weight loss history, explanation in detail of how the program works, ordering of very comprehensive blood tests, answering of all questions about the program, starting the patient on Phase 1 of the diet, and explanation of all the material in the initiation folder, )
  • Those fed up with the dozens of other weight-loss programs on the market will find Balance Medical Weight Loss a welcome change. Here, you’ll discover that you have not failed, those programs have failed you.
  • This doctor-supervised weight loss regime starts with a full consultation, an explanation of how are program works, a discussion of your specific metabolism and what will work for you specifically and why, after which Dr. Constable will create your individualized plan.
  • Toss out the diet shakes and meal-replacements. You’ll be eating healthy food from your own grocery store, in combinations designed to suppress fat retention hormones.
  • Dr. Constable has lived through her own weight loss journey. After several unsuccessful diets, she formed her own program that helped her drop—and keep off—more than 65 pounds.
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