About Dr. Constable

Dr. Constable


Dr. Winifred Constable, M.D. did her undergraduate studies at Smith College, completed graduate work in Physiology and Biochemistry at Rutgers University, and attended medical school at East Tennessee State University. She did her residency in Internal Medicine at Kings County Hospital and Cabrini Hospital in New York City, and then went on to do subspecialty training in Bariatric Medicine.

Personal History

Her interest in weight loss stems not only from her extensive studies in the field, but also from her own weight loss history. Dr. Constable has personally struggled with her own weight since childhood, and comes from a long family history of obese women. After many failures, going through many other programs, and then many hours of study on the biochemistry of weight metabolism, she eventually succeeded in losing a large amount of weight herself. She firmly believes that a doctor who has personally made this journey of weight loss is much better equipped to help her patients. With this innate knowledge, she created this program, and designs individual programs based upon the patient, not just a standardized guide.

Our program has been well recognized. Many of our patients are sent here by other doctors, and in fact we have many doctors and other medical professionals who come here as patients for weight loss.
Both in 2017 and 2018 our program was voted best weight loss program in the Philadelphia area. This is an award voted on by other physicians, not by friends or patients.
Dr. Constable was awarded also in 2017 and 2018, by Main Line Life (Best Doctors editon) as best weight loss doctor.
We are very happy to have received these awards, but what we really care about is your success.

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