About The Program


Do you struggle with your weight? Have you been on one, or several diet programs and either regained your lost weight each time, or even worse, not lost weight at all? Do you overeat when you’re worried, bored, under stress, sad, angry, or even happy? Do you have a medical condition, like diabetes, PCOS, heart disease, or gluten intolerance, and feel you need supervision by a doctor while you lose weight? Do you feel like you just don’t know what to eat, or how much to eat to get to or maintain your goal weight? Do you have over 100 pounds to lose, and feel like there is no program out there that will get you to goal?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Balance Medical Weight Loss can help you.


Weight loss is NOT about will power, laziness, or attitude.  It is a medical problem, requiring the correct balance of food combinations, at the correct time of day, sometime with medication added, which is specific to your body. Like any medical condition, it requires care by a medical doctor who really understands what is going on with you internally. As all people do not metabolize food the same way, we are each unique and different, we do not have a one diet fits all, we do not have a formula (We do not use the keto diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Atkins diet, the Zone diet, the South Beach diet, or any other, we do not use a formula, as there is no single diet formula that will work for every person.) In our program, you will be treated by a weight loss doctor trained in bariatric medicine, and we will design a program that is individualized to your body and metabolic needs. You will only be eating meals purchased in the grocery store, and you will never feel hungry.


There are three phases to the program:


We will start you on this program for one week, to drive your insulin levels down, which starts the fat burning process. This is a very structured program where we will tell you exactly what to eat at each meal and 2 snacks. This is when patients lose the most weight. At the end of Phase 1, we will give you Phase 2 which we have designed for you and will include many more choices and variety; we will move you into the “real world.”


This is an individualized program that we will design specifically for you, based on your blood work, specific body metabolism, activity level, lifestyle,and medical needs. This will allow you to lose weight in a healthy way, while changing the internal chemistry of your body. This food program is the framework we will be working with as you lose weight, and we will be changing it as needed (both adding foods and subtracting foods, everyone needs to make changes at various times in their programs.) As you go through we will work with you on many levels, such as discussing how to adjust your program to your lifestyle, foods you like to eat, introducing you to new foods, as well as discussing your individual needs. You will also get a whole education in our program. You are going to learn about all of the hunger and craving hormones and how they relate personally to you, timing of day you eat, other scientific information to help understand on a simple level what is going on internally, as well as many behavioral problems patients struggle with and so much more (we have a whole library of information written and researched by the doctor.) You will receive a handout at the end of each session, and by the time you finish the program, you will have a whole notebook of information that will help you to understand as well as sustain your weight loss. We care very much about your permanent, not temporary success.


Maintenance is the hardest part, it begins the day you hit goal, and ends the day you die. The triggers that got you into trouble are still everywhere in your environment. In our program, we take maintenance just as seriously as weight loss. We will teach you what happens once you hit maintenance, and why the body will fight you and try to regain the weight you have lost. You will receive a whole package of information (which the doctor will go over with you) which will teach you what to do. We will do follow ups, how many, depends on each patient, but we really want you to be successful. Maintenance is not easy, and it is important that you know and learn to manage the pitfalls. Our goal is to keep your weight off permanently and to help you lead a healthy, happy, and slim life.

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